Tax Lien Due Diligence Services

SEI provides our clients with up to date site inspections and analysis on properties of any size, type or location to be used for developing tax lien investment strategies.  We have the capability to combine this data with any possible historic data that we have compiled on the property in question, in order to provide investors with a comprehensive analysis of any property.  Our process produces accurate tax lien due diligence and analysis for investors, even when looming deadlines make an informed investment strategy seem unattainable due to lack of time.

Our Tax Lien Due Diligence Provides Detailed Analysis of:

  1. The property itself
  2. The geographic area in which the property is located
  3. Infrastructure and possible hazards to investing in a particular property
  4. Current photographs of the property—which are often unattainable without a current property inspection

Throughout the last decade SEI has fine-tuned an extremely effective property scoring system which we use to provide the best possible analysis of each individual parcel. Contact us today for information on how we can improve your tax lien portfolio