Tax Lien Due Diligence & Consultation

Tax lien due diligence provides up to date information before tax lien certificate sales. SEI offers due diligence data & tax lien portfolio consultation.

Staggers Enterprises Inc., for over a decade, has been the industry leader in the field of property tax due diligence for tax lien sales nationwide. Every technological resource available is used by our skilled team of Due Diligence Specialists. As the tax lien industry grows, so does SEI.

Our main goal at SEI is to provide our clients with the most concise, comprehensive data tailored to their individual needs. Whether those clients are public entities, private investors, hedge funds, or one of our corporate clients, SEI strives for perfection on every project we undertake. The information that we deliver allows our clients to forgo performing tax lien research themselves, while still providing accurate and reliable due diligence for decisions on their portfolios.

We are proud to have consistently met the needs of our clients with unsurpassed speed and accuracy.  While our company is growing to address the expanding tax lien industry and its largest investors, we have maintained a personal connection with each and every one of our previous clients. That is, and always will be, Staggers Enterprises, Inc