Tax Lien Portfolio Management

While investing in tax liens can be a very lucrative business, the process itself is arduous for newcomers to the industry.  SEI alleviates some of that burden with a suite of tax lien portfolio management services.

Tax Lien Portfolio Management Services Include:

  1. Consultation on individual parcels to determine their value in your portfolio
  2. Analysis and selection of parcels within a geographic region, to best target tax lien underwriting efforts
  3. Comprehensive data compilation on individual parcels from the assortment of information providers in the tax lien industry
  4. Consultation on specific Lien to Value Targets to set for individual parcels you intend to purchase at tax lien auction certificate sales
  5. Attendance at tax lien certificate sales
  6. Purchase of property tax liens at tax auctions, and finalization of subsequent financial transfers between SEI, the county of purchase and the individual client
  7. Post sale portfolio management

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